KiVa schools in Argentina, Mexico and Spain

KiVa is now available in English for primary schools in Argentina, Mexico and Spain.

If your school is interested in registering to the programme in English language in these countries, contact us via the form provided in the contact section. For any other inquiries related to implementation in English in Spanish speaking countries, please contact 

Looking forward to creating a community of KiVa schools in this region.

Currently these are the school centers that are part of our KiVa family:

American School Las Palmas (España)
The Academy International School – Mallorca (España)
Yago School (España)
Scandinavian School (España)
Colegio Nuevos Horizontes (México)
Colegio Ovidio Decroly (México)
San Patricio International School (México)
Colegio Finlandes México. Zapopan (México)
Colegio Finlandes México. Querétaro (México)
Colegio Finlandes México. López Mateos (México)
Academia Maddox (México)
Steve Jobs Educational Center (México)
Colegio Vista Hermosa (México)
Instituto Thomas Jefferson – Esmeralda (México)
Northridge School México (México)
Tomás Alva Edison – Villa Real – Guadalajara (México)
The English School (Colombia)
Michael Ham (Argentina)
Liberty School (Paraguay)

Instituto Escalae EduDesign Finland